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About us

Recreatiebeheer van Maanen is a small-scale company where we highly value personal contact with our guests. We want to offer our guests a lovely holiday for a good price. With Recreatiebeheer van Maanen you can easily rent a mobile home, chalet or holiday home for as long as you want. We seek after rapid and transparent communication to quickly answer your questions and complete your reservation.

Mobile homes and chalets

We bought our first mobile home in 2010 and decided to let it for a few weeks every year. This turned into such a great success, that we finally expanded our in Zeeland and IJmuiden aan Zee. Italy is our personal favorite holiday destination, so in addition to our mobile homes in the Netherlands, we also rent four chalets in sunny Italy. Since our start in 2010 we have become a specialist in letting mobile homes.

Rental mediation

But we do not only let holiday accommodations. We also control the entire renting proces for multiple private individuals together with EEZZ.NL who want to let their mobile home or chalet. With the experience we gained over the past few years, we know how to sell your holiday accommodation. We accommodate the renting proces, the reservations and we collect your rent and other additional costs.  We also make sure the deposit is taken care of. After the tenants leave, we check the accommodation and make sure it is entirely cleaned before the next guests arrive.